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The Goose is Getting Fat!

Jessica HerbergerComment
The Goose is Getting Fat!

Christmas is Coming!

As my friend and I exchanged messages this am she signed off with "The countdown Is on!" And indeed it is. This year we have had one of the sweetest advent seasons that I can remember. There was a definite intention on my part to keep things small, less chaotic, as much time at home as possible. We have approached this Christmas with more ease and grace than I can remember ever having done before. It has been a gift.

As the final week or two approached I realized that, despite my small and sweet advent season, there was still the business of Christmas to attend to. There are presents to buy and wrap, cookies to make, dinners to plan.  As a procrastinator I inadvertently wait to the last minute. Some years I think about all I have to do for weeks but still no action. Just this year a friend freed from that terrible cycle of stress by pointing out that it is much easier and effective to settle in to my natural bent and use the procrastination to my benefit. Another gift!

There was always one night, the week of Christmas, where my Mom would start singing. Always in the kitchen. Always "Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat!"  This was the sign that her task list was near completion and she was once again present in the advent season and excited for the celebrations.

Still today my family sings this verse when we are up to some particularly fun Christmas preparations and surprise planning. 

It reminds me that things are being prepared. Each Christmas, especially the very first one, was full of preparation.  You can look back and see the beautiful craftsmanship leading up to the greatest gift given and a heavenly celebration. 

If you are in the midst of Christmas Preparations and feeling the weight of it take heart in the grand company of the Great Preparor- the one that made a Way when there wasn't a way. 

After a night of wrapping last night I am just about ready to sing in anticipation of the fun and celebrations that await. "Christmas Is Coming.. The Goose Is Getting Fat!" 

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