The Summer That Wasn't...and why what you call things matters.

The Summer That Wasn't...and why what you call things matters.

Remember my post about June and celebrating amidst chaos? Well.....turns out June had nothing on July or a good portion of August either.  For a million reasons...some big, some not so big our summer was not as it usual is. At some point along the way I started referring to it as The Summer That Wasn't.  The off hand remark always got a chuckle and seemed to put every one aware of our situation at ease.  It was almost as if I made sure everyone knew that it simply "was what it was" and we were all okay with it. 

But here is the thing with names....they have meaning. Having called it "The Summer That Wasn't" so often, I soon found myself actually looking at this time as lost.  There is always next year I thought to myself and brushed aside what this moniker was doing to my perception of our precious time off. What was really going on inside though, was a growing discontent as I continued to look at the time through the lens of what wasn't rather than what was. 

One day I was scrolling through my instagram and realized that we had packed a lot of fun and adventure into this summer. A LOT. And the only thing my cute name aka coping mechanism was doing was cheapening the whole thing!

We had great fun at home with science experiments, crafting, tons of swimming, and the kids got to spend time a good deal of time at the lake even though we couldn't. Happy memories and more importantly happy kiddos were overflowing.  And I almost missed it.

So here is the warning I heed to careful with what you call things. Your daily vernacular has great impact on your perception of reality.  What terms do you use that change your perception to the negative? I bet there is more joy to be celebrated by making a few changes to the words we use. 

Because everyone loves self-deprecating humor here are some insta pics from our Summer that Wasn't...I mean Was! one last time...Shame On Me! It was a great summer indeed and I am so thankful for perspective that stopped me in my tracks and re-orientated my way of thinking!

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