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What is with all the celebrating?

Jessica HerbergerComment
What is with all the celebrating?

You may have noticed all the talk about celebrating around here. I wrote about it in MiniCity magazine last month, I speak about it all the time, and I also post about it almost exclusively. 

Here is the deal with Celebrating....if we expect to live a life of Celebration, we will! There is more to it of course, but the core of it is right there in that simple statement. 

And what is the value of celebrating anyway? A great question that I hear often! Life is hard, there are a lot of challenges, there are a lot of reasons to keep our head down and certainly lots of reasons to not celebrate. 


Having a celebration mindset causes us to stop and notice.

Notice the good stuff, the small moments of celebration that are in EVERY SINGLE DAY if you look for them. Those moments begin to really hold weight when they are noticed, relished and appreciated,  This requires us to slow down and be intentional with our words and our actions. 

The difference between a fleeting moment and a memory maker lies in our willingness to call attention to the joy and claim that moment as a celebration.

Things that I celebrate are varied...big and small moments, experiences, items and memories-each worthy of acknowledgement and celebration.

Will you join me?

Share what you are celebrating today! Use #celebratejoyeveryday so that I can celebrate with you and cheer you on.  If you need inspiration look at my Instagram for examples of things that I celebrate.  

As the holidays are in full swing it is a good reminder for us to check our mindset-do we see the busy, the hurry, the overwhelm or do we see the celebrations and, in that, see the joy.

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