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Bless the Brunch!

Jessica HerbergerComment
Bless the Brunch!

I love a good party. I love a full house. I love all that comes with hosting a big party… the prep, the chaos and yes, even the cleanup. During the holidays my desire to entertain gets kicked into overdrive and I have been known to host an open house for 150+ people. The merriment and joy comes spilling out of my house as neighbors, friends and family enjoy a few hours of festivity and delight. I will always defend the big party and the extravagant hospitality of a good party.

A few Christmases ago we knew the big party had to be put on the back burner. Life within our family did not allow for the swirl of commotion. Stirred with a yearning to continue hosting yet adjusting to the elimination of the one and done way of gathering with friends, I knew it was time for something new.

Enter the brunch gathering.

Brunch is my favorite meal and an easy time of say to host a gathering. So I gave it a shot and fell in love with brunch entertaining. We have found the timing to be so easy for us as hosts and for our guests navigating their full calendars this time of year. I look forward to our holiday brunch gatherings all year long. There is something so sweet about enjoying time together in the morning and then sending your guests on their way into the rest of their Saturday, bellies and hearts full.

This year we are hosting four brunch gatherings throughout December. I cook the same thing for all of them. Brunch is also great because parents know they wont be fighting with tired kids at the end of the day, and brunch food is delicious and easy win for even the pickiest of toddlers. Every guest that we have invited to brunch has said YES and said yes quickly.

Our friends are yearning to gather with us, and God bless the easy YES that a brunch offers.

I am sharing my fail-safe family favorite brunch menu with you! Gather with your friends and have a Brunch party! I can’t wait to hear how delightful it is for you and for them.

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