Lessons Learned From Mom

Lessons Learned From Mom

One way that I choose to celebrate joyfully, even in the grief season, is to reflect on the positives. My Mom, was an amazing lady. Now it of course took me until late in my 20s to realize this.   Since my brother was still in high school at her passing and what teenager truly appreciates their mother's wisdom, I knew it would be my job to pass on the perspective I had. Similarly I am on a mission to ensure that my kids know Grandma Caryl even though they won't meet her this side of heaven.  Thus was born my tradition of sharing Lessons Learned From Mom. Throughout May, until Mother's Day, I share one lesson learned from our Mom each day. It has been years of doing this and I have yet to find the list exhaustive. 

I am sharing the Lessons on our Instagram all week and invite you to follow along! It has also been a dream of mine for others to share the Lessons They Learned from their Moms so please join me! Tag your pics #celebratejoyeveryday and #LessonsLearnedFromMom so we can all learn from each other! 

Here are some favorite LLFMs from year's past:

  • Lesson Learned From Mom: It is way cooler to learn to fish from your Mom than anyone else.

  • Lesson Learned From Mom: when there is family strife that doesnt involve you directly be gracious, be neutral and be quiet!

  • Lesson Learned From Mom: A firm handshake and some confidence goes a long way in the grownup world.

  • Lesson Learned From Mom: All you need are some balloons or streamers to make a birthday special!

  • Lesson Learned From Mom: despite what your Teenage/Twentysomething daughters once thought being "a Pollyanna" isn't about having blinders on-it is about the tremendous strength it takes to choose to joy all the time.

  • Lesson Learned From Mom: if you are going to live at a lake you better have swimsuit-friendly furniture (much to the furniture salesmans chagrin)

  • Lesson Learned From Mom: Take heart all you Mamas-your kids will only remember the best of what you are! 

  • Lessons Learned From Mom: if you want your house cleaned up in hurry have a respected family friend call to announce their arrival in an hour and watch your family runaround like lunatics cleaning up!!

  • Lessons Learned From Mom: your children's friends will remember when you are welcoming & kind to them.

  • Lessons Learned From Mom: always have something baking in the oven as guests arrive. Especially if its a gentleman you want to impress!

  • Lesson Learned From Mom: having family traditions give your kids a way to feel close to you when you aren't together.

  • Lesson Learned From Mom: always have an extra set of clean bath mats. They make any neglected floor look so much better when a last minute visitor drops by!

  • One of THE BEST Lessons Learned From Mom: You can choose to be Joyful or you can choose to Complain. But you can't choose both. 

See you on Insta for this year's list of Lessons!