celebrate JOY everyday
celebrate JOY everyday
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Jessica is on a joy mission. Offering a blend of relatable storytelling as well as education and practical, actionable tips for her listeners she loves working with groups both large and small. 

Current speaking topics include: Celebrate Joy Everyday, Balancing It All and Friendship.


Offering both consulting and speaking to select corporate clients.

Having worked with a wide range of large companies, small businesses, personal clients and non-profits, Jessica brings her unique eye for detail and execution to every event she contributes to.  Jessica’s events have been featured in NYTimes bestselling books and dozens of publications. Her events are known for their unique use of space and unforgettable moments.

Jessica has helped help her clients such as Random House, J.Crew, Steve Forbes, Victoria Labalme,The Brave Will Foundation among others, create personal and impactful customer and event experiences with joy.

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